A Little Introduction

Hi, I’m Giana.

I’ve been writing since the fourth grade when a student teacher prompted our class to write a short story for Halloween. I can still remember how fast my heart was beating, how my hand cramped as it struggled to keep up with the pace of my rapid fire thoughts. I even remember the shape of the poster sized paper, formed, befittingly, into a giant pumpkin. The teacher stapled each pumpkin to our grade bulletin board in the hallway and I remember just having to stop and stare at it each time I walked by. When they finally took the stories down, I couldn’t get over it. My words had been out in the world and I was unwilling to stop there. So, I went home, borrowed my mother’s computer (an ancient IBM laptop), and typed the story out. When I’d finished that, I started writing more and I have yet to stop.

I have wanted to be an author since that fateful day all those years ago and this year, I am finally making it a reality. Stay tuned for more about my upcoming romance novel, The Affair!