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Welcome To The Dark Side (The Fallen Men Series #2)

Releases SPRING 2018!

The cover and blurb will be revealed shortly but in the meantime, here is a little teaser of #DaddyZeus to tide you over.

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Welcome To The Dark Side. The Fallen Men Series #2. March 2018. Copyright Giana Darling. Unedited and subject to chance.

I didn’t want to die for a lot of reasons but none seemed so essential as my desire to stay with Zeus.

There were too many things we still had to do.

Too many rides to take on the back of his Harley with his big body between my thighs and the dual rumble of the bike and his laughter vibrating through my core.

Too many nights spent at The Wet Lotus, eye fucking across velvet booths and scantily clad dancers.

Too many battles to win. Too many people to kill. The Nightstalkers most of all.

I wanted time with him, I needed it more than I needed my next breath and even those were limited.

There wasn’t time and there wasn’t much of a choice but whatever was left of both, I was going to use to be with Zeus Garro.



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